DP-12 Rhino
DP-12 was developed by Dragonfly Pictures Inc. to provide a two man deployable, laser designating, vertical take off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft system (UAS). Its mission is to deploy with forward troops, not aviation personnel, and provide ISR, E/O imagry, communications relay, and logistical resupply to front line commanders and their troops.  The DP-12 Rhino can provide autonomous resupply missions to combat outposts of Class I, III, V, and VIII supplies.  This opens up new possibilities, as expensive convoys or air drops are not needed.  There is no risk of IED's and minimal possibility of insurgent attack. The DP-12 Rhino can provide laser designation for networked tactical laser guided munitions during mobile operations in complex terrain.









    Key Features:
  • Two person deployment and operation
  • LIDAR laser obstacle avoidance
  • Automated landing site selection
  • Ability to fly in near-earth environment
  • Precision landing
  • Logistics:
  • Fits in one HMMWV
  • Transportable in sea container
  • Modular Design
  • Interchangeable system components

Automotive Gasoline Engine*

*Heavy Fuel in development

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    Launch and Recovery:
  • Ideal for Unprepared Sites - autonomous landing site selection
  • No launcher or recovery equipment
  • Deployment from street corner
  • Autonomous launch and recovery


  • Field changeable
  • Directional microphone and speaker
  • Secure communication relay
  • EO/IR day/night with 3 axis stabilization with laser designator
  • Precise automatic logistic troop resupply.  Ideal for Combat Outposts.

Length: 79.9 in
Height: 54.5 in
Width: 41.7 in
Rotor Diameter: 108 in

400 lbs gross weight

150 lbs maximum

  • Dash Speed: 96 knots
  • Automated: Takeoff, Landing, Landing site selection, Obstacle Avoidance
  • Ceiling: 17,000 ft. ASL operation 
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